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SEO tips revealed for small businesses

Sure you have a website, maybe even a blog, but can your potential customers find you easily? Marketing isn't just about ads and value, it is about top visibility!

Unless you have some big bucks to hire a knowledgeable web designer or internet expert, most small businesses and creative artists start off with their own website and share their URL with friends, family, and through social media. However, what about the other 1.5 billion people on the internet? Can they find your business? When someone puts in a search for 'vegan cupcakes Switzerland', you want to come up on Google page 1 if you are making delicious animal-free desserts out of your kitchen in Zurich! Luckily, if you follow these simple SEO tips, you'll learn how to boost your website's juice.

1. Discover your keywords. Keywords are the terms that you put into that fancy Google toolbar when you're searching the web. What keywords describe your business? What is your competition? Can you narrow down your keywords to target a niche (so you have less competition)?

2. It's all in the name. Buy a domain name based off your keywords. If you can find a website domain that has all of your keywords in it (i.e. zurichvegancupcakes) in .com, .org, or .net, this puts you way ahead of the game. Google will give your website preference in that keyword search just for having the same domain name! Sweet! (especially for the vegan cupcake maker).

3. If you don't require fancy Flash or extensive data storage, create your website on a blogging platform, like WordPress (this is what I use!) is free however requires that you host your site, which allows more flexibility and control over your SEO rankings. Google loves WordPress and every time you add content, this is communicated to Google and increases your rankings.

4. Make sure your keywords are in your post titles, page titles, tags etc. When you set up your website or blog, most platforms allow this extra feature automatically. If not, you can usually find a great plug-in that will help you out (i.e. SEO All-in-One Pack for WordPress). The great thing is when you add posts to your 'keyword' pages in a blogging platform, this sends a big SEO message to Google that your website is important and valuable for that keyword.

Implement these four techniques and you 'll have some major SEO juice behind your website. Now go pimp your blog!

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