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increase visibility

Manan helps in getting increased visibility for the client’s website by providing unique, useful and fresh content for the client and also updating it constantly to keep the targeted audience engaged and focused on the client’s website as a reliable source of information.
Annzo Corp implements time tested methods which guarantee increased visibility on all major search engines especially Google. These include.

  • Constantly updating content on the client’s website or blog. Creating fresh and useful content, instead of creating an information overload for the user, which might drive them away. Constant content updates, ensures that there are returning visitors to the client’s website or blog.
  • Creating professional layouts and designs for the client’s website or blog to make them visually appealing and attractive for the users, so as to extend their attention span. Special focus is placed on the navigation and color scheme of the website to make it easy to use and provide the relevant information with ease.
  • Where it’s possible we provide the client with professional looking and relevant domain names. A domain name matching close to the nature of the business, makes the visitor trust you site as the real deal, instead of a source of spam.
Constant analysis of the SEO stats of the client’s website or blog. Also focusing on and identifying the keywords being used by the visitors to reach a site and keeping track of the information that is being accessed the most by the majority of the visitors