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10 cool SEO Tips For Beginners

Every online business should make SEO as an integral part of their growth strategy, especially in today’s world, when search engine giants like Google and Bing almost rule the web world.
Why SEO?
In simple words, SEO means finding ways to increase your website’s visibility in various search engine results. In simpler words, it helps in attracting more traffic and viewers to the website, and helps in reaching out a wider audience without having to shell out a lot of money on conventional advertising.
Intense and rigorous SEO may require consulting a firm, which specializes in the field; but few basic steps can be taken up by anyone to increase their web page’s search engine rankings.
So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 basic SEO tips, which can get you started just like that!
1. Know where You Stand
You need to keep monitoring your website’s popularity, which is measured by parameters like Google Pagerank and Alexa rank with tools like Alexa and Google toolbar (which can be easily downloaded for free).
You need to keep checking your referrer log on a regular basis to track the source of your visitors and the keywords they are using to reach your website, and build on the same to get best results.
2. Keywords Are the Key to Success!
The keywords should be consciously put in titles, image names, content and URLs. The two most important places to put your keywords are page header and title tag. Make sure you do not overstuff the keyword in your content or the search engines might tag you as a Spammer!
3. Integrating Internal Links
To boost traffic of individual pages, this is the best basic strategy that can be adopted – whenever, you create a new content you can link it back to one of your popular web pages. But, you must make use of right anchor text while linking, and create links only to relevant pages – SEO process must never annoy the visitors, otherwise the sheer purpose would be defeated.
4. A Sitemap is a Must
Adding a sitemap always makes it easier for the search engine spiders to reach your pages. A regular sitemap for visitors makes sure that they have to make fewer clicks to reach your inner pages.
Additionally, there must be separate sitemaps for search engines as well as site visitors.
5. Clear and Meaningful URLs
Make sure the URLs of your pages are clear and contain simpler   words. It should give a right indication as to what the content of the URL is all about.
6. Avoid Frames, Too Much Flash and AJAX
These are pretty things but do not help a bit getting good SEO results. They all share a common problem that you just can not link to a single page. It is strongly advised not to use Frames at all, until you don’t really have a work around; use Flash and AJAX very rarely to get good SEO results.
7. Content is King
The content on your website should be fresh and you should keep updating it on a regular basis (ideally daily). This helps in attracting a lot of traffic. You can keep updating your site by various means such as posting openings, or running an executive blog. This also opens up numerous ways for internal and external linking.
8. Social Media
The links of fresh content on your sites should be distributed across various popular social media platforms, but only the relevant ones. This way you draw traffic even from those platforms. More the traffic, higher the chances of getting a boost in your search engine rankings as well.
9. Building One Way or Reciprocal Links
This is yet another significant way to increase traffic to your website. You can personally get in touch with the webmasters of established websites in your niche and ask them to place one your links on theirs. In turn, you have to offer the same to them, or help them out in getting a good link from another credible source.
Make sure you don’t get tied to a link farm, or you can be rest assured your site is going to get banned sooner than later!
10. Image Optimization
Make sure you add enough relevant images to your web pages. Of course, it also depends on the product or services you talk about in your website; but the fact remains that many a times, people just want to see pictures and not read. Hence, proper image optimization can again draw a lot of traffic, and if those visitors like your site, you may be getting a lot of recurring traffic with image optimization, especially in automotive and technology/gadget niche.