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Top 20 Social Media Resources of 2011

Social Media is scattered around the whole diversified World Wide Web. Every business has a tendency to dig into it and leverage the true power of this emerging trend. There are many social media sites out there, few general and broad in scope covering almost every aspect of social cloud. Others focused on a specific niche area. This is your little task as to find out the one's which suits your business and social needs well. So these top 20 social media resources contain both type of sites and it is recommended that you visit each of them, leverage your business and harness the potential of becoming social with your customers base. The data has been collected from various platforms, tools and utilities and the factors to rate were like page views, rankings and average growth of a website over a specific period of time etc. Remember always that the days have gone past when only performing few SEO activities were sufficient enough to rank a site higher in search engines, it is now becoming more important to realize that social media optimization is going to play a major role in 2010, as it did to some extent in 2009.