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how to register a new domain name through Google

To use the Google Apps on your site, you have to attach your website with Google and for that you need a website.

Click on the following link to attach your domain name with Google Apps.

and if you don't have a website or domain name, Visit this url ( ) where Google also give you an option to purchase a domain name through Google. Google have partnered with some selected group of domain registrars to help you get started with you new domain name. As you can see in the image below that it also have an option of "I want to buy a domain name", just click on it and search for a domain name of your desire, (if available) you can start with your domain name.

Google also provide many facilities with their domain registration option whic are :
  • Domain registration for $10 per year
  • Private domain registration to protect against spam at no extra charge
  • Full DNS control and domain management
  • Domain locking at no extra charge
  • Automatically configured to work with Google services
  • Email, calendar, instant messaging, web pages and more at no extra charge

For more details you can visit this page

Just keep in mind that Google doesn't register or host domain names. They've partnered with a few companies that offer these services to make it easier to set up a Google Apps account. Registering your domain with one of Google's domain registration partners does not have any relation to its position in Google search results.